Qualification Process

Les Bois' Honor Society students have a cumulative (7th and 8th grade) GPA of 3.7 or better.  Students who have applied and are accepted to the honor society must maintain a 3.5 grade point average throughout their ninth grade year while accumulating a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer/service work in the community to obtain membership. An Induction Ceremony will take place in May of the student's ninth grade year to complete membership.  Each year, we accept new applications from 8th grade students to apply for membership.

In April each year, the school will generate a list of students in the 8th grade who have maintained a cumulative 3.7 GPA or better.  Those students are invited to attend a meeting where they are provided information about Honor Society, given an application, and encouraged to apply. Each candidate's application is reviewed by a panel and scored using a rubric in the following categories: Leadership, Scholarship, Character, Citizenship, and Service.  When the selection is made, a list is posted for students to review (this typically happens in late April/early May). Students will then meet with Mr. Dickson and Mrs. Dickson, our Honor Society advisers, to discuss the program and expectations in greater detail.  Participation in Honor Society will take place during the student's 9th grade year at Les Bois.