7th Grade
Students will see counselors in the seventh grade for an introductory lesson beginning in September, and for a study skills lesson where we will review habits of successful students using a Jeopardy game in October.  We will work on career development in December using a program called Career Information Systems (CIS) to complete an interest inventory that should match skills and interests with careers.

8th Grade
In the eighth grade, we will revisit the career exploration students began in seventh grade and help them to identify additional avenues they might choose to pursue.  In addition, they will begin creating a graduation plan that will map out their courses for the next four years.  It is helpful for eighth grade parents to attend the Parent Night, typically scheduled in January, to learn about high school credit issues so that they can assist their student in academic planning.

9th Grade
In the ninth grade, we will be presenting a lesson in November on C-core to help students understand the district's graduation policy in regard to core classes.  Then, in January, we will be updating the graduation plans and assisting students with future planning for careers and looking at tools to use for exploring education after high school.  Ninth grade students will have the opportunity to take a tour of the Professional Technical Center during their open house in January.  If your student is interested in courses offered at the Professional Technical Center, we encourage you to attend the parent open house in the evening.  Information will come home in early January. Sophomore Orientation at Timberline High School typically takes place in the first week of February.  Timberline counselors will come to Les Bois in February to go through pre-registration with students.
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