Maker Time Thursdays

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Thursdays @ Lunch in the Library

What's New?
 We just got 2 new button makers, a charging station and a 3D printer!  As well as brand new Tech Leader! Congratulations to Carson Thompson! 

Here's what's available during Maker Time:


 Straw Construction Set - build big, think outside the boxLEGOs-
model a class topic, use in a stop-motion video, etc. 
Makey Makey-
circuit board, alligator clips, and USB cable allows everyday object to connect to computers!
Gravity & Laser Maze- 
use gravity of light to navigate your way through a series of puzzle challenges
 Craft Supplies-
many options!
Various Electronic Supplies - LOTS! 


Squishy Circuits-
explore electronics and create circuits using fun and familiar form of dough, or bananas! 
Digital Video Camera
Lavalier Microphone-
plugs into a phone or Chromebook to add audio to projects
 Button Makers-
1" and 1.75" machines and supplies
iPad Minis (2)-
loaded w/ all Makerspace apps
OSMO Genius Kit-
creative games exploring math, science, music, and art using an ipad and reflection technology. Serves Bridge through AP. 

Ollie's (2)-
app enabled robot-control from a phone or our ipads. Use one of many apps to write your own code (directions) for it. 
 Snap Circuits Energy set-
learn about green energy options with easy to snap together circuits


GAMES! For Library Use: