Welcome to the Blazer News website.  Blazer News is unlike most classes, it is centered around one single goal – producing a quality newscast that will be broadcast on a regular schedule.  The purpose of the newscast is to show what is going on around the school, showcase students at Les Bois Junior High School, as well as human interest and entertainment segments.  Punctual deadlines and high quality work are required for this class since your work not only affects you, but the final product that is broadcasted to the entire student body.  Reporters must be willing to work before and after school in order to make a deadline if needed. 
The semester is broken into three blocks.  In each block 1/2 the class (A) will work on 2 news stories for 2 weeks while the other 1/2 (B) will work on one project for 2 weeks.  All projects will include a story board to accompany them.  At the end of the two weeks the groups will switch, group B spends 2 weeks on news stories and group A will work on projects.