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适合参赛人员: 世界各地凡是以中文为外语,学习了几年中文的学生均可以参赛。然而,凡是已经得过一等奖、二等奖共两次的学生应该参加中级水平的比赛。
中文水平:初级至少要认识400-500个汉字。请查字 如得分少于800分(每字2分),建议明年再参加。
联系人: 湘老师, 电邮,微信eWriteCh

The 6th Yellow River Cup Chinese Reading Contest Announcement
Competition Time: 5/1/2017 → 8/31/2017
Reading Book: Beginner "Sound of Flower Blooming" (World Chinese Student Excellent Essay Selection); Intermediate "Shanxi Story•Historical Places"
Contest Format: Read the 138 essays in the beginner book, or 92 essays in the intermediate e-book. Then answer multiple questions online. Each essay has 10 questions, and each question with 4-multiple-choices. Review samples before you sign on.
Suitable contestants: Students who have studied Chinese as a 2nd language for a few years can participate. However, participants who have received twice either or a 1st and 2nd place award should participate at an intermediate level contest.
Chinese levels: Know at least 400-500 Chinese characters. Please find out the number of characters you recognize with our online CHARACTER GAME. If your score less than 800 points (each character is worth 2 points), we advise you to participate next year. Click on
Entry fee: $25 per student, register at “Store” Please make sure to use student’s name when you sign a student for the contest.
Awards: One contestant can win first place and an award of $50, two contestants can win second place and $25; up to ten contestants can win third place and $15.
Organizer: Yellow River Cup Chinese Reading Contest Prize Committee, Headquarters is in Austin Texas USA.
Coordinators: Chinese language teachers or parents may act as coordinators for the students. Any group of 5 or more will receive free shipping.
Contact: Dr. Xiang:Email or WeChat ID eWriteCh

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