Principal Newsletter 12/20/2016

posted Dec 20, 2016, 2:16 PM by BoHua Admin
Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members:

•       博华2017年春季课程注册网页已经就绪。

The BOHUA 2017 Spring Semester courses are ready to sign up. We have rolled all the student registrations in the 2016 Fall Semester to 2017 Spring Semester. You can sign in to add/drop/change your courses.

•       2017年春季新增加了三门EC课程:
o       ECRB12A (grade K-3) 机器人学, 1:00~2:00 PM, classroom 634
o       ECRB45A (grade 4 up) 机器人学, 4:00~5:00 PM, classroom 633
o       ECAD34 成人舞蹈班,2:00~3:00PM


There are three new EC classes added for the 2017 Spring Semester:
o       ECRB12A (grade K-3) )  Robotics, 1:00~2:00 PM, classroom 634
o       ECRB45A (grade 4 up) ) Robotics, 4:00~5:00 PM, classroom 633
o       ECAD34 Adult Dance (Chinese Dance),2:00~3:00PM

The Robotics Kits are required for the students who will take Robotics Classes.

•       能够为学校提供志愿服务的家长也请在 ”Signup Duty” 登记
The parents who may want to provide volunteer works for the school, please also sign up at the “Signup Duty” Tab.

•       注册课程以后,请最好通过银行P2P交付学费。一月开学以后我们也接受支票支付。P2P支付细节请参看博华网页

It will be the best to pay the tuition through P2P bank transfer, although we will take paper checks in January 2017. Please refer to the BOHUA website for the details of P2P tuition pay.

•       01/08/2017 所有课程同一天开课,包括所有 CTC,CTE,EC课程
01/08/2017 will be the 1st school day of all the classes, which include all the CTC, CTE, EC classes

BOHUA wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wei Dong / 董伟
Acting Principal