[BOHUA] Principal Newsletter 20170427

posted Apr 24, 2017, 10:23 PM by Wei Dong
Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members:

  • 请于本周日 (4/30/2017)持收据在博华领取办妥的中国签证。领取时间是1:30PM 2:30PM
Chinese visas are ready for pick up this Sunday April 30 from 1:30 to 2:30 at Bohua. Please bring your receipt.

  • 从本周日(4/30)开始,学校将以摇铃的方式同步各课程的上下课时间。在下列时间将有铃声提示老师同学们上下课。

1:50PM 下课铃
2:00PM 上课铃

2:50PM 下课铃
3:00PM 上课铃

3:50PM 下课铃
4:00PM 上课铃

Starting the coming Sunday(4/30), the school will ring bells to synchronize the time of the classes. The bell rings will happen at these pre-set time:

1:50PM END of Class
2:00PM START of Class

2:50PM END of Class
3:00PM START of Class

3:50PM END of Class
4:00PM START of Class

  • 2017年5月6号, 中国驻芝加哥领馆将来丹佛办理以下证件:中国护照的换发或补发、旅行证的办理、健在证明的办理。按照现行规定,办理证件需要提前预约。具体信息请查看http://www.caarm.org


Wei Dong / 董伟
On behalf of BOHUA executive committee