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博华中文学校云汇报演出, May 17, 2020


These videos captures the memorable moments during this special time.

Year-End Celebration 2020, Part 1

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The Principal's Opening Remark (in Chinese)



当然,在这一切的背后离不开校委会、校董会全体成员,各位老师以及众多志愿者的默默付出。特别是这个春季博华社区组织的两次大型募捐活动,很多家庭慷慨解囊,出钱出力,充分体现了充分体现了我们博华不惧困难,团结互助,心系社区的精神面貌。博华的捐赠活动也在大Denver-Boulder社区获得很好反响,CBS电台以及CU Medical Campus都对我们的捐赠活动做了报导。


The Council Representative Mandy Liu's Remark

Dear Teachers, Staff and Bohua Families,

I am Mandy, the current EC Coordinator of Bohua Chinese School.

First of all, I would like to thank Principal Mr. Zhang for his great leadership. Huge thanks to our amazing teachers for the hard work in the 2019-2020 school year. We are also grateful for the tremendous support from the parents. Special thanks to our awesome volunteers for donating their time and skills. In the 2019-2020 school year, Bohua has experienced many changes. From the new council members joined in the school committee to the restructure of the school board, from the official launch of the school new website to the recent online learning during this challenging time, even our current cloud performance. It would be all marked in Bohua's school history.

Of course, we couldn't have done it without the efforts from all the school board, council members, teachers, parents and volunteers. Especially the two large fundraisings organized by Bohua this spring semester. We really appreciate the families who donated money generously to Bohua COVID-19 Fund and contributed PPE from their own to the frontline healthcare workers in Boulder and Denver medical facilities. We remain united as a community even if we are separated by the quarantine in our homes. I am proud to be part of Bohua Community that has shown incredible generosity and neighborly love. Bohua's donation activities have also received good feedback from the Greater Denver-Boulder community. Both CBS News and CU Medical Campus have reported on our donation activities.

Looking forward to the new school year, we are committed, more today than ever, to ensuring the operation of Bohua continues to run smoothly. Again, I want to thank everyone for the great support and effort to make the better Bohua community. Any feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, on behalf of Bohua’s school board and all members of the school committee, I wish you all a happy summer!

Please stay safe and healthy! Thank you.