Chinese Taught in Chinese

CTC (Chinese Taught in Chinese): This program is designed for children of Chinese heritage, for those who could understand Chinese fairly well, and the language is used as the primary language at the child's home.  In this program, we teach Chinese as a heritage language, and the curriculum is designed by Dr. Ma, founder of the Stanford Chinese School. Please check out the following website for support of this curriculum:

And there is a parent's training webinar at

All CTC parents, please take some time to watch this above video so you know how to help your kids to succeed.

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CTC-2 A GuoFang Lu 陆国芳 RM 615 马立平中文二年级,4-6册 
CTC-7 A Zhen Zhang 张甄 RM 638 马立平中文七年级,19-21册 
CTC-10 AP Xiaoping Ma 张小萍 RM 658 收获 
CTC-0K Zhengjie Liu刘正洁 RM 811 马立平中文学前班 
CTC-1 A Katherine Song 宋琪 RM 823 马立平中文一年级,1-3册 
CTC-2 B Yuan Zeng 曾媛 RM 845 马立平中文二年级,4-6册 
CTC-3 A Rong He 贺蓉 RM 627 马立平中文三年级,7-9册 
CTC-3 B Tanya Sun 谭英 RM 628 马立平中文三年级,7-9册 
CTC-4 A Li Zou 邹历 RM 629 马立平中文四年级,10-12册 
CTC-4 B Ronghong Pan 潘永红 RM 633 马立平中文四年级,10-12册 
CTC-5 B Wenrui Mi 米文蕊 RM 639 马立平中文五年级,13-15册 
CTC-5 A Lan Ding 丁兰 RM 608 马立平中文五年级,13-15册 
CTC-6 A Lily Zhu 朱敏 RM 609 马立平中文六年级,16-18册 
CTC-8 A Faye Jiang 资菲 RM 659 中华文化之窗 
CTC-9 A Gelin Huang 黄格林 RM 660 中华文化巡礼 
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