In this jungle only the smartest will survive

A Shotz GmbH &  Alexander Sextus Limited Production


Michael McManus
Alex Goode
Meredith Autry
Beate Malkus
Devon Buchanan
David Standish
Rolf Kanies
Samuel Finzi

DOP - Martin Lippert

Editor - Charles Jannasch 

Music - In production

Sound Recordist-

Andreas Mohnke

Write -  Paul Donovan

Director - Paul Donovan

Producers - 

Hannes Nothegger , Tom Ehrhardt , Paul Donovan

 Time - 100 min.

Sound - Dolby 5.1

Format - 1.85

Shot & Presented - 35mm

Year of Production -  2012






Blissestraße is the story of a group of young American Christian fundamentalists on a mission to Berlin to try to bring the Germans back to Jesus. They do not succeed. Two of the young missionaries, Harris and Rodney, quickly find themselves in very complicated and adult sexual adventures. Pastor William, the mission’s leader, suffers from a special hate for homosexuals, which is dangerously problematic for both him and his followers because Berlin is a Babylon of temptation for the gay devil that lives inside him. 

Berlin—a unique city with a dark cloud of history hanging over it—is also a real character in Blissestraße, and one that will likely prove unfamiliar even to those who think they know Berlin well.



foto credit - Stefan Mohon