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AP Evironmental science course online
      includes notes, animations, labs, and TESTS with answer key

AP Exam Test Hints:

Free response question hints

Guidelines for free response questions


Year in Review of APES topics 

Mini review videos and animations

APES Review sheets and other links

101 Things You Should Know

Vocabulary list

Another APES Vocabulary list

Vocabulary Review and Quiz on Quizlet

Review Videos, games and more

Study Guides

APES Vocabulary Review

APES Review Sheets and test hints


Good list of links at appracticeexams.com

Textbook:  Botkin and Keller Textbook with quizzes, flash cards, etc.

Textbook:  Cummingham, Textbook with quizzes, videos, animations, and flash cards

Online tests and quizzes

College Board's AP ES site , includes old test questions



Practice test in PowerPoint format with answer explanations

AP Evironmental science course online
      includes notes, animations, labs, and TESTS with answer key
Chapter Outlines and Practice Tests

Here are links to online practice tests and very detailed topic outilnes.  As you take the practice tests, make notes about the concepts or topics that you don't know so that you can focus on those areas as you study for the AP exam.  Click the button at the bottom the each test to find out which questions you missed.  Please do NOT print the test using a printer at school.  When you are on the results page, you can click File, and Save Page As (Firefox) orSave As (IE) to save it to your My Documents folder if you want to keep an electronic copy.

Practice Tests

        Practice test over the entire course

Diversity and  Land Use (Ch 5, Ch 15?, Ch 17)

Risk and Toxicology (Chapter 10)

 Earth's Systems and Resources, including Food (ch 9 and 16)

General Environmental knowledge (Ch 1 and 2)

Outlines for chapters (from a different textbook)

Risk and Toxicology (Ch 10)

Solid and Hazardous Waste (Ch 15)

Food Resources - first 6 pages only (Ch 15)

General Environmental Science Info (Ch 1-2)


Topics to review

Laws - scroll down to bottom of the page

Ecosystems and Cycles (Ch 4)


Practice Test - (note that #51 and #52 are incorrect on the answer key!)

Biomes (Ch 6), Community Ecology (Ch 7) and Sustaining Biodiversity (Ch 18)

Practice Test

Aquatic Biomes Outline

Terrestrial Systems Outline

Community Ecology Outline

Population Biology (ch 8) and Human Populations (Ch 11)


Practice Test

Evolution (Ch 5)


Practice Test - see first test at the top under Practice Tests

Resources (Ch 9, 19, and 20)

          Summary - Geology and Soil (Ch 9)

Outline - Nonrenewable Resources (Ch 19)

Outline - Renewable Resources (Ch 20)

Practice Test - Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources (Ch 19 and 20)

Air Pollution (Ch 12)


Practice Test

Water Pollution (Ch 14)


Practice test

Climate Change and Ozone Loss (Ch 13) and Economics

Practice Test

Outline - Climate change and Ozone Loss

Outline - Economics


Other tools for review - also see AP ES Links folder in the Resources section of this web page

Environmental Policy and Environmental Policy PowerPoint (only works in Internet Explorer)

Miscellaneous Links

EPA Center for Environmental Information and Statistics
EPA’s Personal Greenhouse Gas Calculator
Environmental Research Foundation
eNature - ZIP guides
Columbia Earthscape: Teaching
NASA Earth Observatory - data and images
Environmental Statistics - Current Issues by Country

Search Engines
Google Scholar - http://scholar.google.com

Sample chapter from Molner's APES lab manual
Environmental Learning Activities
Ecological Footprint

Tragedy of the Commons:

Enviroliteracy Tragedy of the Commons lab http://www.enviroliteracy.org/subcategory.php/243.html
Same version on AP Central web site (must log in first)
Another version http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/allschools/providence/keenan/apes/labs/tragedy_of_the_commons.pdf

Tragedy of the Bunnies online game
Alternate site for Tragedy of the Bunnies

Homework or online assignments:
The Ring of Fire Teaches high school students about the Ring of Fire—a region with the most abundant source of geothermal energy.
(Developed by National Geographic Xpeditions)
Solar Wonders An award-winning solar energy science unit for high school students. (Developed for the Florida Solar Energy Center)

Population Dynamics (animals) animation

Virtual Field Trips
A variety of trips - http://www.oneworldjourneys.com/

Textbook Resources  

Textbook web site

For each chapter (use the drop-down menu):  Glossary, Crossword Puzzle, Flashcards, Tutorial Quiz

For the whole book:  Concept Maps and Final Exam