Once a Viking, always a Viking 

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Ripley High School Alumni Association is to maintain the heritage of Ripley High School 

and to 

encourage loyalty to the school and the Association through sound stewardship and fiscal responsibility.

All former students who have been enrolled in any of the courses offered by Ripley High School, regardless of whether they have received a diploma, shall be eligible for the membership in the Association. 

Active Voting Membership
In order to be a voting member of the Association for any fiscal year, a member shall pay the prescribed annual dues for such year. To be recognized as a lifetime member of the association the member shall pay the prescribed lifetime membership dues. Payment of dues constitutes full membership in the Association, entitling the member to vote, to be eligible for any prescribed herein, and to all other privileges which the constitution may provide.   

Associate Member
Any person who did not attend Ripley High School may be an associate member with all rights and privileges upon paying the prescribed dues.

RHS Alumni

President: Terry Landis (class of 1969)
Cell: (404) 272-2649
Email: tlandis1412@casinternet.net
Vice-President: Elaine Pannell (class of 1975)
Email: elaine0223@frontier.com
Secretary: Sandy Wilson Pence (class of 1964)
Email: spence@casinternet.net
Treasurer: Bill Cadle (Class of 1952)

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