2008 BWS Nationals
Lake Norman North Carolina

Lake Norman in North Carolina is the site for the 2008 Bassmaster Weekend Series National event.  Approximately 32,000 acres of water, 32,000 docks, and hundreds of creeks.

Kentucky Lake (Ken-Bar Lodge)






Day 1

Bob weighed 10.04 pounds, sitting in 9th place and Justin weighed 4.71, sitting in 6th place.  Tough fishing conditions for all, cold weather and very few fish.  Poor Internet connections, so updates will be limited.  Go to www.abaproam.com to check out the standings.

Day 2

Cool weather, tons of rain in the morning and wind, the afternoon was better with a high of 58 and calm conditions.  Bob weighed 9.06 for a total of 19.10, advancing to 4th place, Justin had 1.46 moving him to 37th.  It is anyones game to make the cut or at least the top 50.  The field is cut to 25 tomorrow, we are hoping to make the cut and fish on the 4th day.  Here is a link to the standings.  http://www.abaproam.com/Day1and2.pdf

Day 3

Rain all day, no wind, hurt Bob's pattern overall.  Bob weighed a limit for 6.26 and Justin did well today with 4.19.  Both Bob and Justin advanced to the final and will compete against the top 25.

 Day 4

The top 25 boaters and co-anglers met at 5:30 at the ramp and prepared for rain and high winds. (4' waves at times) Bob caught (4) fish, finished 10th overall on the Pro side for the event.  Justin upgraded today with (3) fish to finish in 5th overall on the co-angler side. We left North Carolina right after the weigh-in and drove straight through (25 hours) with some delays due to weather in the mountains, rain and snow, but arrived safely.  Final standings and stories can be found on www.abaproam.com


Pictures to follow