BASS Weekend Series Nationals
Clarks Hill, SC/GA

Clarks Hill Resevoir (J. Strom Thurmond) Augusta GA

Check here for daily updates on how Justin and Bob Nationals are going.  We will start our 3-day prefishing on November 11th, the first day of the tournament is November 14th.

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We made the trip across the land to Thomson GA, about 1400 miles...learned one thing for sure, do not drive through Atlanta at 4:30.  We can not go on the water until Sunday.  Pulling onto I24 in Nashville (after a great lunch with the TDS crew there) we met up with another fishing team from MN.  I am not sure the chances of that, however, it made me think about a lotto ticket.

Starting out day two heading to Nashville. 

Following a TDS van down I24, DC from TNTraffic in Nashville

Ryan and Wayne (1000 miles from home and we pulled in front of them on I24.










Started out the day with ice on the boat, it was 33 degrees at the ramp at 5:00. To give you an idea of the size of this lake, the shoreline is 1200 miles, from one end to the other it is @ 70 miles long.  If you followed the shore, it would be the same as driving back to Minneapolis.  Fishing was very tough for Justin and I, we finally caught a few bass at the end of the day.   We spent the day on the main lake today and ran about 40 miles or so.  Tomorrow we are going to focus on some of the river systems and dirty water. 


Safe Light, fog, frost, and of course fun.








Wayne and Ryan at sunrise.








Justin's First GA bass, look how skinny these bass are...the one I caught was 13" long and it weighed 11 ounces.









Today started off at 5 AM, cool and frosty.  Once we reached the ramp the fog really rolled in, visibilty was about 100' if that.  We each caught our limit today, so hopefully we are figuring out these "Southern" cold-front bass.  Apparently there is not enough food, these fish need some nourishment. (By the way...Justin and I are eating healthy)  Another 30 plus miles today, very dangerous in terms of the boat...we did not hit anything, however, there are tons of trees in 30' of water.  Some of them just below the surface some are 6' out of the water.  Best guess on the lake level, it is 11.5 feet low now.


 The first fish on day two of prefishing, check out the fog.






12 feet above water


MN Top Angler and Co Angler (Dean Capra and Justin Ohotto)


 Check out this turtle, Justin though he had a huge cat fish.



Day 1

Late night, most will be this week.  We both a good days, Justin is in 27th place (3.96) Bob is in 48th place (7.16) both weighed limits.  We started out the day at 3:45, tomorrow looks about the same.  Here are a few pics from today.  Sorry for the short write up tonight, we are spooling up line and tying on that special bait ;-)

MN standings Top 4


Steve Kordosky 35

Bob Perkins 48

David Ham  68

Tom Petron  126


Joe Ambright  24

Justin Ohotto  27

Jerry Jonsgaard  80

Loren Berg  86


Good night  zzzz.....


Day 2


Today was very least 50 MPH at times, the waves were about 5'.  Needless to say, both Justin and I were slightly drenched at the end of the day.  On my way back to the ramp a boater was in trouble. (see the picture and look for his motor, I towed him back to the ramp and waited for safe water to take the pic.  Justin weighed one fish today and is in 51st place, Bob weighed a limit and moved up 15 spots to 33rd place.

This is the 2nd boat this week for this guy... 









Day 3

Rules for day 3, go for broke...the field is cut to the top 25, stay tune for results.  Today started out very cold again, barely above freezing.  The fishing was tough, I only caught four fish today and Justin did catch his three.  Justin ended up finishing 52nd for the tournament (very good job)  With a total weight of 20.15 (24th place so far), I advanced to the finals tomorrow...the top 25 boaters and non-boaters take off for a final day of fishing.  Steve Kordosky from MN is also in the top 25, he is in 16th place with 20.88.  As you can see there are only onces that seprate most of the field.  I had great pre-fishing partners with Ryan, Wayne, and Justin helping with patterns and areas.  This goes to show what working as a team can THANK YOU to the three of you for the support. 

Day 4

 Let's all hope for great news....

25th place finish, very cold foggy morning.  We are heading back to MN...see you soon.   All fishing has at least one story...We missed a nice fish on a point so we move away to let it settle a bit.  Just as I turned the boat to go back a guy flew in to fish. He caught a 7.5 pounder...would of, could of, should have.  We had an awesome time down here.   


  Short Video of the Fnal Day Weigh-in