A few endorsements for the renaming of Ottawa River Parkway

Among the thousands who supported the renaming project are two former prime ministers (see their letters of support below)
  • Rt. Hon Brian Mulroney
  • Rt. Hon John Turner

We also received support from some notable and award-winning historians and authors:
  • Jack Granatstein
  • Charlotte Gray
  • Richard Gwyn
  • Andrew Cohen
  • Arthur Milnes
Community and national leaders embraced the proposal, including:
  • Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa
  • Joan and Derek Burney - Former Ambassador to Washington and Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Mulroney
  • Larry O'Brien - Former Mayor of Ottawa and Chair of Calian
  • Peter Hume - Ottawa city councillor and chair of planning

Ottawa Citizen - November 16, 2011

Re: Naming Parkway after first PM good idea, Nov. 15.

I applaud Ottawa author Bob Plamondon's idea to have the Ottawa River Parkway renamed in honour of Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

It would be fitting to rename this parkway in keeping with the titles of most of all the other federal parkways that have been named after famous notables such as Colonel By Drive and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway. These federal parkways come under the mandate of the National Capital Commission and as such fall under the jurisdiction of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the enforcement of the "National Capital Commission Traffic and Property Regulations."

Should this name change occur, the new name and parkway would highlight an existing showcase to all residents of Canada's capital, as well as visitors and tourists alike.

Vic Rambaut, Nepean
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Ottawa Citizen - October 15, 2011

Re: The John A. Macdonald Parkway?, Oct. 10.

Only time, patience and flexibility have permitted Bob Plamondon's quest to commemorate Sir John A. Macdonald to give rise to a win-win option.

The Ottawa River Parkway, labelled for its location, can be renamed far more easily than something already marked historically, as in the case of Wellington Street.

We have a tendency at times in this city to slog through the muck toward solutions rather than appreciating that the means to get anywhere are often just as important as the issue at hand. Growing naming controversies - Macdonald, Robertson Road, the new City Archives/ OPL facility, the Pretoria Bridge and well-intentioned and fitting wishes to honour the late elder William Commanda indicate a need to revamp, refresh and bring sense to policy on names, statues, and other commemoration.

As with Plamondon's refreshing idea about the parkway, perhaps a channel in the Ottawa River between Victoria Island and either shore would combine nature, location, flow and convergence around the name of William Commanda in a way that would surely please him. What we are missing is a respectful and open forum and a tradition in which to discuss these options rationally.

As for Ottawa, a draft plan for the city's cultural strategy now joins a groundswell calling for a refreshing re-examination of its naming policy, practices - and adherence to same. Are we bold enough to create an inspirational, respectful, open, advertised and ongoing process? City staff, city council and our citizens might keep an eye on legacy in giving ourselves sensible, workable practices that draw people together in the very spirit that commemoration is often all about.

I vote for a creative review of commemoration in our city, with exemplary results that would not merely bandage the status quo, but would leave a fitting legacy in its own right. Anyone with me?


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Ottawa Citizen - October 13, 2011

Re: the John A. Macdonald Parkway?, Oct. 10.

I was one of those who wrote to oppose renaming Wellington Street after Sir John A. Macdonald.

However, I very much support Bob Plamondon's excellent alternative to rename the Ottawa River Parkway after our great first prime minister. Let's do it.

Klaas van Weringh,

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