As former high tech and legal professionals, we understand how the demands of the modern workplace can create significant challenges to the quality of our lives and relationships. We work with couples and individuals who want to heal from past hurts, to gain greater clarity about their truth in the present moment, and to develop the ability to choose healthier ways of living and relating to others.

Help for Couples

Are you feeling stuck? Are you struggling with stubborn patterns of conflict or apathy? Do you want to have a richer and more alive experience in your relationship? We can help.

We work together as a team with couples who want more from their relationship: more connection, more harmony, more clarity, a stronger sense of both “me” and “we.”
By working with you as a team, we offer you the benefit of our diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This team approach is generally referred to as co-therapy.
In working with couples to identify and address entrenched patterns of distress, we primarily follow a model called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is a structured yet deeply humanistic approach to improving relationships which has a strong, research-validated track record of positive results.
You can learn more about how we work with couples here. You can learn more about our co-therapy approach here. You can learn more about who we are as both a couple and as individuals here.

Help for Individuals

Are you looking for help in dealing with life challenges such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, or dealing with the legacy of traumatic experiences? We can help.

We each work one-on-one with individuals who are looking for healing and growth. While we share core values and beliefs about how to support people in their healing journeys, we each have our own perspective and areas of focus.
You can learn more about the potential benefits of individual psychotherapy here. You can learn more about Karin’s background and therapeutic approach here. You can learn more about Bob’s background and therapeutic approach here.
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Bob and Karin Matthews / Seattle Therapists and Couples Counselors
Bob & Karin Matthews