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Has Martin Luther Kings Jr. Dream Come True?

    His dream was that people would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by their character; that segregation would end; and that all men, women, and children could live as free human beings.
Unfortunately, this has not happened everywhere. There are still many places that discriminate against people based on their religion, skin color, etc. In Indiana, there are five groups that support the KKK.

    In some ways, MLK's dream has come true.  African American students can go to schools with white students, they can all eat in the same restaurants together, and some even marry one another. Segregation is kept out of school and communities so the children of today are able to have better lives. MLK's dream was that everyone could be free. 


     In our view, the biggest way MLK's dream has been fulfilled is that we have an African American president, Barack Obama. He is the 44th president, and in a way is exactly what Martin Luther King Jr. would want. It means that Americans can put slavery behind them.  Even so, there are people who do not like the fact that he is president; they haven't come out of the shadows to fight against it, though. "Obama and King are inevitable. Many Americans across racial and religious lines see Obama's inauguration as one key fulfillment of King's dream." 

Below are some other ways King's dream has been fulfilled
Black lawyers - 3.9%
Black Doctors - 2.3%