As of January 2015, we have 4 reviews on Google (rating 5 stars) and 10 reviews on Avvo (rating Excellent). Thanks to all our satisfied clients. See some excerpts below.

Reviews from Avvo

  1. Asylum

      1. Posted by Hasroon, a Immigration client, 2013.

        I would like to take an opportunity for the recommendation of Tejal Mehta as immigration lawyer. The best thing about her, she is very dedicated towards her work a good listener, strong in communication skills and follows up. Whenever I come up with the questions via phone call or email she always come back with positive feedback. Sometimes I forgot something but she always reminds me. 
        I believe that Tejal exhibits many of the qualities, which will enhance her career opportunities. I will strongly recommend for the Tejal Mehta the way she work and follow up on the Asylum cases. 

        I wish her all the success in her life.


        Posted by Dolores, a Probate client, 2012.

        Tejal worked hard for us to assist us with receiving our inheritance eventhough our case was a little more complicated than the average probate case. She was reasonable and my sister and I are very grateful to Tejal for working on our behalf. We would use her again.

      2. Great help from Tejal Mehta!

        Posted by Jean, a Immigration client, 2012

        I strongly recommend the services of this attorney. She helped me file my Naturalization application N-400. The reason why I called for her services was that I had a case of DUI on august 2011 and prior traffic violations, which potentially could compromise my naturalization approval. 

        When I first contacted her, I was still completing my DUI education classes. She gave me the option to wait until I completed the classes to sign a representation agreement with her. I was touched by her honesty; other attorneys would try and convince you to sign an agreement right away. The first thing I noticed working with her is how fast she gets back to you when you contact via email or phone. The other thing is how detail-oriented and meticulous she was on my N-400 application. My file was so well prepared that my naturalization interview only lasted about 15 to 20 minutes, and I passed it. The naturalization officer told me that she did not have any further question because my attorney provided her with all the documentation she needed on my case.

      3. Probate

        Posted by Nichelle, a Probate client, about 1 month ago.  Flag

        My sister and I had to settle a small probate estate and the dilemma was that we were out- of - state. We interviewed a couple attorneys before choosing Attorney Tejal Mehta. I assure you I did my homework and she is very experienced. She was knowledgeable about the requirements and knew the right people to facilitate requests as it pertained to our needs. She quickly adjusted to any surprises, as nothing goes the way it's planned. She was very trustworthy and didn't nickel and dime us and always accounted for estate spending. Finally she always kept us informed, whether by phone, mail or internet. She was easy to talk to and she has no ego as most Attorney's have. She was best choice for our needs.

      4. From Google Reviews

      5. Salma Khan (December 2014)

      6. I was looking for an experienced lawyer for my GC processing and Tejal Mehta came with a good recommendation from another lawyer. She helped me with all the paperwork necessary for filing and always looked out for what needed to be done or if we were lacking in any area which needed to be worked on. she was very knowledgeable and efficient and provided excellent counsel for our needs. It was nice working with her, She always followed up and would always respond when I needed her. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their immigration process.

      7. Margaret Paul (March 2014)

        If someone ask me to describe Ms. Mehta in one word. My answer would be that's impossible to do.. As one word cannot possibly describe Ms. Mehta. Ms. Mehta is outstanding as a person and most of all as an attorney, she is dedicated and cares about her clients and ensures that she is giving the best possible representation.. She is for lack of a better word a perfectionist, she makes sure your applications is submitted and completed in a timely manner. If you are in search of an immigration lawyer, search no more, if you are looking for an attorney that understands your situation, look no further as Ms. Mehta is the attorney for all your immigration needs.
      8. Rahul Singh (Februrary 2014)

        To start with I will say without reservation that Tejal is very talented and friendly. I highly recommend hiring her. Tejal has helped me with my case in applying for AOS. First of all the preparation for documents was very impressive. In fact the officer during AOS commented that my attorney has done a great job getting everything together. Another thing i noticed is her in depth knowledge about immigration law. The way she represented my case cannot be subjected to any further improvements.. it was perfect. the entire process was completed in timely manner and Tejal kept me posted of progress at all times. I sincerely recommend Tejal for immigration matters.

      9. Kevin Moran, 2013

        When I found out that I could qualify to apply for Deferred Action, I searched the internet for a lawyer with experience and knowledge of immigration laws. My initial decision was to hire the services of the Attorney Tejal Mehta, who from the beginning attended me and she personally offered me an appointment to see my event. She took special care of all the requirements that the law requires that I had to have to complete the process. From the beginning to the end of the work process attorney Mehta was no doubt entirely satisfactory. I currently have all the legal documentation provided by the Immigration Service of the United States. The processes that took me through the whole steps with Attorney Mehta was made within a reasonably and effective short time. 

         Cuando yo me entere que podia calificar para aplicar a la Accion Diferida, yo busque en internet por un abogado con experiencia y conocimiento en leyes inmigratorias. Mi decision incial fue contratar los servicios de la Abogada Tejal Mehta, quien desde un inicio me atendio personalmente y me brindo una cita para ver mi caso. Ella tomo especial atencion en todos los requisitos que la ley exige para que yo cumpliera con todos los documentos necesarios para el tramite. Desde un inicio hasta el final del proceso el trabajo de la abogada Mehta fue sin lugar a dudas completamente satisfactorio. Actualmente yo ya cuento con toda la documentacion legal que brinda el Servicio de Inmigracion de los Estados Unidos. El tramite que me llevo realizar todo el proceso con la Abogada Mehta fue hecho dentro de un tiempo razonablemente corto y efectivo.
      10. Others
      11. RS, an Estate Planning Client

        “I am a client of attorney Tejal Mehta who has upgraded my ESTATE PLANNING

        DOCUMENTS which were mishandled by my previous attorney.  I have been

        extremely happy dealing with her office. She is very thorough and explains what she

        is doing in lay men’s language…I would highly recommend her to any of my friends

        or relatives even though my nephew is an attorney.”

      12. AB, a Probate Client

        “Mrs. Mehta walked me through all the legal steps to obtain the deed to my home.

        And she got me my deed. I received the best service. She was so nice and knew what

        she was doing. Everything went very well. Thank you Tejal Mehta “

        S and A, Estate Planning clients

        “Tejal Mehta Esq. is highly competent, caring legal professional. She provided us

        with all the underpinning details associated with estate planning. Estate planning is

        an emotional exercise. Tejal Mehta Esq. understands this and the intricacies entailed

        in this process. She is extremely supportive. She is also very well informed about the

        various legal and social laws with its implications.  The quality of service was

        outstanding. In that Tejal Mehta Esq. is knowledgeable, competent, caring about her

        clients. She presents as a person you can count on. We recommend her strongly.”