The Law Office of Tejal Mehta is experienced in helping clients obtain an H-1B visa for professionals working in a specialty occupation. As noted in our numerous client testimonials, the Law Office of Tejal Mehta works quickly and aggressively as your attorney to ensure that your legal matter is resolved in the most favorable manner. As of January 2015, we have 10 reviews on Avvo with an Excellent rating and 4 reviews on Google with a 5 star rating.

If you are thinking about filing an H-1B application this April, Attorney Tejal Mehta is available to speak to you to answer your questions and help you evaluate your eligibility for winning H-1B visa approval.  You can reach us by phone (610) 768 8003 or email tmehta@mehtalawoffice.com.

We also recommend you start working with an immigration attorney right away to ensure that your application is ready for filing when the lottery opens on April 1. 

H-1B visa: An applicant who possesses a bachelor's degree with a job offer in a field relevant to the degree may be eligible to obtain an H-1B visa. 

  • The H-1B visa offers a wide range of employment possibilities and is often a first step toward permanent immigration. 
  • There is an annual numerical limit on the number of H-1B visas available each year and qualifying applications are approved through a lottery system.  Because the cap is usually reached within a few days of the April 1 and October 1 starting dates, it is very important to file your application on those starting dates. 
  • There are certain categories of H-1B visas that are cap exempt.
  • Initial petitions may be approved for three years and extensions may be granted up to three years at a time.   

Justifying the need for a foreign worker is a complex process.  Thus, it is important to have a knowledgeable immigration attorney on your side.  At the Law Office of Tejal Mehta, an experienced and skilled attorney, rather than a paralegal, will handle your case from start to finish.  

Our firm will handle all of the components of the H-1B package for you, including evaluating a candidate’s eligibility for H-1B status, obtaining an LCA, drafting letters of support, completing form I-129, and ensuring the inclusion of all supporting documentation.  In addition, we provide ongoing guidance to our clients regarding their compliance with all aspects of the employer-specific DOL and USCIS rules.  Our organized approach and personal attention to each client’s particular situation leads to our being able to achieve an optimal outcome on your behalf. 

Attorney Tejal Mehta has a great track record of success in complex H-1B cases.  She will help you formulate the best strategy to win approval for difficult cases, such as: the employer is a start up company with little revenue; the job offered is not a specialty occupation on its face; or the employee does not have the normal qualifications.  For example, we recently helped a new company that had been in existence only for a few months obtain two H-1B visas.

We maintain a reputation for efficient, high quality service and a commitment to excellence.

We are very accessible and provide regular updates to our clients on the status of their applications.