Business Immigration

Employment-based Green Cards

The Law Office of Tejal Mehta helps businesses and organizations successfully sponsor a foreign national for a green card through an offer of employment.  The employment-based immigration benefits we can assist you with include:

  • Labor certification (PERM):  In order to hire a foreign national, businesses must first obtain a U.S. Department of Labor determination (LCA) that employing a foreign worker will not adversely impact U.S. job opportunities and that there is no qualified American applicant for the same position.  Universities and colleges go through a simpler labor certification process for hiring foreign nationals as professors, when they can establish that the position involves a classroom teaching component.
  • EB-1 Visa:  Available to foreign nationals who are considered priority workers in three categories: 1) Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics; 2) Foreign nationals that are outstanding professors or researchers with at least three years of experience in teaching or research and who have international recognition; 3) Foreign nationals that are managers and executives subject to international transfer to the United States.
  • EB-2 Visa:  Available to professionals holding advanced degrees (Ph.D., Master’s Degree, or at least five years of progressive experience after a Bachelor’s Degree) or to persons of exceptional ability in sciences, arts, or business.
  • National interest waiver:  Available to an individual who is able to establish that his employment would be in the United States' national interest.  The job offer and labor certification requirements for a second-preference EB-2 visa are waived.
  • EB-3 Visa:  Available for skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.
  • EB-4 Visa:  Available for certain special immigrants, such as ministers, religious workers, current or former U.S. government workers.
  • EB-5 Visa:  This visa is provided to immigrant investors who are willing to invest $1 million in a new or existing business in the United States that employs at least 10 full time U.S. workers.

Temporary Employment Visa

There are several non-immigrant visa categories under which employers can bring foreign nationals to the United States for temporary employment.  We will help you navigate the various options, which include:

  • H-1B visas for professionals working in a specialty occupation: An applicant who possesses a bachelor's degree with a job offer in a field relevant to the degree may be eligible to obtain an H-1B visa.
  • L-1 visa for intercompany transfers: The L-1 visa is an option for existing employees of a non U.S. company and its parent or subsidiary company within the United States.  L-1 visas are used by companies to expand operations into the United States by sending experienced managers and other executives to oversee the expansion.
  • O-1 visa for individuals of extraordinary ability O-1:  Individuals of extraordinary ability and outstanding professors and researchers may obtain O-1 temporary visas.
  • TN – NAFTA treaty visas for citizens of Mexico and Canada:  If you are seeking to bring a Mexican or a Canadian professional to work with your organization, a TN visa is a good option.
  • Religious workers - R-1: Many types of religious workers, their spouses and their children can take advantage of R-1 visa opportunities, based on credentials and legitimate religious affiliations.
  • Investors and treaty traders E-1/E-2:  Investment based temporary visas are available for treaty traders (E-1) and treaty investors (E-2) from qualifying countries who invest in a U.S. business and employ U.S. workers.
  • E-3 for Australian professionals: E-3 visas are available to Australian professionals in certain specialty occupations.