What is Instructional Tech!?!?!?
Instructional technology is tools that help transform a lesson into an engaging activity that makes the work process  shift more to the student and allow students more creativity.

Technology integration usually follows the SAMR model.
 Most teacher start a substitution where they take technology and replace what they are currently doing with it but with little change.  Then it slowly shifts to augmentation and modification where technology is essential to the lesson. 

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What is SAMR?

SAMR is a very popular technology integration model used in education.  It talks about the progression of how teachers and students can sue tech in tech classroom from the first stage of substitution to the final stage of redefinition.  We all start in the substitution phase by substituting technology in our education lesson for something else like taking a worksheet and showing it on a whiteboard but we slowly  shift until we have students creating lessons on the whiteboard or using technology to not only write but create and publish their own works online,