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What Principals Should Know About Proclamation 2020

What is Proclamation 2020?

The State Board of Education (SBOE) issued Proclamation 2020 in April 2018. The instructional materials are scheduled to be adopted by the SBOE in November 2019 and will be implemented in classrooms beginning in the 2020–2021 school year. 

Proclamation 2020 calls for instructional materials for the following courses:

English Language Arts and Reading

English I
English II
English III
English IV
Reading I, II, III
College Readiness and Study Skills
Visual Media Analysis and Production
Contemporary Media Literary Genres
Creative Writing Research and Technical Writing
Practical Writing Skills
Public Speaking I, II, III
Communication Applications
Oral Interpretation I, II, III
Debate I, II, III
Advanced Broadcast Journalism I, II, III
Advanced Journalism: Yearbook I, II, III
Advanced Journalism: Newspaper I, II, III
Advanced Journalism: Literary Magazine 

English as a Second Language:

English Learners Language Arts, grade 7
English Learners Language Arts, grade 8
English I for Speakers of Other Languages
English II for Speakers of Other Languages

Who will be affected by Proclamation 2020?

This proclamation will affect secondary school professionals teaching courses in the areas mentioned above. 

What should principals know?

1.         Publisher delivery of samples may be coordinated with the district’s supervisor, principal, or designee during school hours.  If the principal or designee  decides to have samples delivered, the invitation must be extended to all publishers. However, at no time shall classroom instruction be interrupted by a publisher representative’s visit to the school.


2.         District personnel may not accept publisher-sponsored gifts, food, novelty items or meals, or attend publisher presentations with food provided by the publisher at any point during the process.


3.         Beaumont Independent School District is a closed district. This means that publishers may not have any contact to promote their products with any campus personnel, board members, or administrators other than the central administration contacts that have been designated for this adoption.   


4.         Teachers and/or principals may not engage in oral or written communication directly or indirectly related to current adoptions during the adoption process.  For specific information, contact should be made through the District IMA Coordinator or district’s supervisor in charge of the subject area.


5.         District personnel may not discuss textbook evaluation related decisions with publishers at any time.


6.         Teachers shall not receive materials to pilot in their classrooms.


7.         Review BISD Board Policy: BBFB (Legal), EFAA (Legal), DBD (Legal), DBD(Local), CH (Local), CHE (Legal), DH (Exhibit), DH (Local) dealing with gift and favors, conflict of interest, and ethics and code of conduct.  You may find the Board Policy online at http://pol.tasb.org/Home/Index/725


8.         You shall review the Beaumont ISD Proclamation 2020: Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption Handbook for more details of the process.  It will be available online in the BISD website and in the BISD Textbook Adoption website.


9.         You shall be familiar with Education Code Section 31.  You may review it at:



10.     If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Dannette M. Menéndez, District IMA Coordinator by email at dmenend@bmtisd.com or by phone at 409-617-5243.

11.     BISD has assigned the following individuals as contacts for the district:


TIMA District Coordinator:

·   Dannette M. Menéndez

·   Contact information: dmenende@bmtisd.com and 409-617-5243


Bilingual District Supervisor:

·   TBA

·   Contact information:  409-617-5221

English Language Arts and Reading District Supervisors:


·   Contact information: 

·   Jenny Angelo-Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Grades 6-8

·   Contact information: jangelo@bmtisd.com and 409-617-5053