Browning Middle School Professional Development Extended Day (1/31/2011)

This session will be centered around a modeled lesson demonstrating best practices in utilizing user-generated video, facilitative teaching, and student-centered learning. The participants, acting as the students, will collaborate to create and publish technology-enhanced learning outcomes that will be available online for reinforcement, remediation, and assessment. During this session you will experience an exciting, engaging, and transparent 21st century classroom as the role of the student. (or we will do our best to do all of this in the time allotted.)

In the interest of time, the following items have been prepared for you:
 - the paper slide videos in the math lesson
 - in the music video lesson it would be expected to select a song that fits your particular theme or lesson from your curriculum.

The concepts and lessons here are from working with Dr. Lodge McCammon at the Discovery Education DEN pre-ISTE event at the Denver Zoo in June 2010. He is a Specialist in Curriculum and Contemporary Media at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (www.fi.ncsu.edu). His work in education began in 2003 at Wakefield High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he taught Civics and AP Economics.  He finished a Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in 2008 where his work at The Friday Institute continues to bring innovative practices to students, teachers and schools.  He developed a teaching and professional development process called FIZZ which encourages and models best practices in implementing user-generated video and online publishing in the classroom to enhance standards-based lessons.  He is also a studio composer who writes standards-based songs, with supporting materials, about advanced curriculum for K-12 classrooms.  More information, user-generated videos, and songs can be found at Lodge’s website (www.iamlodge.com).