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 Bear Skin IV
Sat 30 March 2019
BEAR MEN OF ADELAIDE presents an underwear party for men
Marion Bears Coffee Club
Hey guys, come on down to Marion Shopping Centre and join the coffee n brunch group of southern bears as they feast on bacon n eggs and sip coffee and share naughty stories! (Sometimes very naughty if our Carl is in the right mood)
What else could be more fun on a Saturday morning than this? :)
The guys meet every Saturday morning, at Verve Cafe. 
See ya there at 11.00am sharp and join our table

Located in: Westfield Marion outside from Spargos
When: 11.00am every Saturday

City Bears Lunch
Every second Sunday of the month, BMofA is holding a casual lunch in the CBD or thereabouts for those who cannot make it to the Marion brunch's.
Where: This will be advertised on Facebook as the location changes
When: 12pm every second Sunday of the month

Find Us on Facebook

Please go to BMofA Facebook group for our pub's location BMofA Facebook group 
We also hold other social events and activities every month you can find out about these events on Facebook. Click and go.
        Find our page at BMofA Facebook page    

        Find our group at BMofA Facebook group

Pub Nights and Den Nights

PUB NIGHT (Pub night is the first Friday of each month)

Feel like a bit of fun at the next BMofA pub night? Pub nights are held on the first Friday of each month and are just a casual get together of members and friends for a few drinks and a chat at our regular meeting place. 

Where: Duke of Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert Street Adelaide 5000
When:  8.00pm onwards

DEN NIGHT (Den night is the third Friday of each month)

Den night is the third Friday of each month and is the name we give to our regular monthly meeting at which we always have our regular monthly alcohol raffle and members cash draw, but you gotta be there to win see you there with all the friendly bears!!

At Den night we have a selection of our own BMofA t-shirts for sale, including the new colour "bone" t-shirts, plus all new tank tops, available in "basic black" and "bottle green". T-shirts are STILL ONLY $25.00 and tank tops are a BARGAIN at $20.00 - so get in fast before your size runs out! We also have some BMofA caps to add to your wardrobe.

Where: Duke of Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert Street Adelaide 5000
When:  8.00pm onwards

Everyone is most welcome. Bears, daddies, leather guys, chubs, cubs, otters, chasers and friends etc etc etc. (You can even bring your mother. No! Don't hahaha)


We understand that your circumstances may change from time to time.  

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