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Lakes Region Creative Aging Center

Welcome to the New Lakes Region Creative Aging Center!

Our new Center is located on 17 Church Street in Laconia, across the hall from The Laconia Senior Center.  Our goal with this new center is to offer unique programming for active seniors, aged 55 and over at reasonable or low cost. The programs will range from exercise classes, to education and humanities presentations, to art and music classes, and more!  We are currently gearing up to offer new programs in February-  landscape painting, yoga and Reiki;  March - Native American flute,  monthly drumming circle, and yoga.  We are currently running a very successful Tai Chi 101 class and the instructor plans to begin a session for new participants in March.  Please scroll down to view our current class flyers.

How does this differ from our Laconia Senior Center?  This center will offer activities only, no community dining.  Also, it will offer enhanced and unique programming with the goal to encourage seniors of all ages to participate!

We hope you will consider joining us! Please be patient while we build our programs and this page! If you would like to offer some suggestions for classes, or more information, please contact Linda at the below number.

Lakes Region Creative Aging Center

 Location: 17 Church Street, Laconia

Serving the cities and towns within the Lakes Region, although all are welcome!

 Center Hours: 

Monday and  Friday, 8:30am- 2:30pm.

On Tuesday through Thursday, the center is open in accordance with when classes are scheduled.

 Transportation Services:

Available Monday- Friday through the Laconia Senior Center. Please call 524-7689 to arrange transportation

For more information, or to sign up for activities, please call Linda Howard, Coordinator at (603) 273-0125 or email at  To arrange a ride, please call the number listed under transportation services above.

Lakes Region Creative Aging Center

Lakes Region Creative Aging Center- 17 Church St