What is Blu Trumpet?

Blu Trumpet is a new kind of advertising company.  We've created an app discovery tool that fits right inside your app, and as users engage with that tool (called the AppExplorer) they generate revenue for you.  The AppExplorer can be invoked via a button or icon somewhere in your app (nav bar, menu list, icon, etc) and then we provide the rest.  You can see us in action on The Daily Beast or College Humor, or check our integration examples on this site.  Their users love it, and we've seen fantastic engagement levels to back that up. 

How does Blu Trumpet work?

We’ve created a network where we can recommend apps to your users (using our fancy technology), and app developers support us by paying us for every install we get for them.    
  • For Users: We help users discover new apps using our syndicated app discovery tool, the AppExplorer
  • For Publishers: We provide a fantastic new revenue stream.  You control the user experience and look and feel, and you place the AppExplorer in a location that makes sense for your app (nav bar, menu list, icon or slider on your home page).  For every app that gets installed from the AppExlorer in your app, you generate revenue.  
  • For Advertisers: We give your app a new voice.  Our AppExplorer is a curated list of 8 to 10 apps so your app doesn't get lost in the noise.  Our pricing model (pay per install) means that get real, measurable results for your advertising budget.  

How does the money flow?

First, advertisers decide what they want to pay for a download.  Then, those apps get shown across our network according to our priority process and recommendation engine. Publishers on our network make 60% of the bid price for every install that gets made on their apps.

What formats does Blu Trumpet have?

Part of Blu Trumpet’s “special sauce” is coming up with the right formats and units that appeal to every kind of publisher/developer (brands, games, social networks etc). Right now, our most popular format is the AppExplorer, which can be invoked in a variety of ways (nav bar, list item, icon, slider, toast, etc).  We also provide IAB standard banners (320x50).  

What does CPI mean?

CPI is an advertiser pricing model and stands for cost-per-install, and its the only pricing model Blu Trumpet uses.  Other phrases used to describe the same model are cost-per-download (CPD) or pay-per-download (PPD).  It simply means that an advertiser pays when an app is installed, not when an impression or click is made (referred to as CPM or CPC, respectively).  

The path to an install still starts with an impression (and subsequently a click or tap), but the CPI pricing model means that Blu Trumpet has to worry about managing how many impressions it takes to generate an install.  By passing that responsibility on to us, advertisers benefit by only paying for end results.  We are happy to take on the responsibility because we know our users and we know what will work best for them.  

How do I join the Blu Trumpet network?

Start with creating an account on our portal.  From there, you can download and integrate the latest Blu Trumpet SDK with your app.  Integration takes about 15-30 min - we've worked hard to make sure its very easy and light-weight to ensure you have a great experience.  

Can I block specific apps or app categories from appearing inside my apps?

Yes. Blu Trumpet offers you the ability to filter out directly competing apps and publishers.