Archbold High Schools offers technology courses in designing web pages for the Internet, creating documents for print, editing photos, animating images, and creating digital video.  The students use Moodle on a daily basis for directions, video lessons, and many other activities and files. 
The technology courses available and their course descriptions are listed below.

Internet and Web Design:  This one-semester course teaches students how to create web pages for the Internet.  A hands-on approach will incorporate activities that will introduce design concepts.  Training includes using WYSIWYG to design web pages, Internet safety precautions and Web page critiquing.  Photoshop and Dreamweaver will be used throughout the course.

Desktop Publishing:  Desktop Publishing offers students knowledge of each aspect of the publishing cycle:  graphic design, writing, and edition.  Students will learn the basics of Photoshop and, through the use of the software program InDesign, students will integrate text and graphics from many sources into various types of publications, including (but not limited to) brochures and newsletters.

Advanced Publishing: This course will advance skills to a setting of real-life application.  The students in this class will create the online school magazine, and apply their knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, and The Print Shop in publishing situations.  Students will also learn methods for creating animated gifs and digital video editing.  Class projects may include creating and selling a product for a chariy, teaching Photoshop lessons to the class, creating a collage of pictures and creating stationery for a business. 
Prerequisite:  Desktop Publishing

Computer Graphics:  Students will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create vector graphics.  They will create original designs as well a learn from graphic designers on the Internet.  Attention to detail and following directions are important skills that the students will develop throughout this course.

Microsoft Applications:  This course is a basic course in which the student learns to operate the personal computer using four components of Microsoft Office software:  Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.  All the basic program functions will be covered for each package, as well as many advanced functions. 
Prerequisite:  Students must meet all requirements set by NSCC.  Students must have a high school computer course on their transcript or must pass a computer placement test at NSCC.  Desktop Publishing is highly recommended to take prior to this course.

Yearbook Design:  This course is open to students who wish to plan and put together the yearbook in a laboratory situation producing computer-generated layouts.  The course requires that students be self-motivated and responsible. Applications are accepted from students before registration and the staff is chosen based on the following criteria: interest, writing samples, computer skills, availability, work ethic, and faculty member recommendation. The staff will consist of 10-12 staff members chosen by the yearbook advisor. Interested students need to consider serving as a staff member for more than one year due to the amount of technology that must be taught in order to produce the yearbook.