About Us!

The Northwest Ohio 5th District Wrestling Officials Association is dedicated to promoting the sport of amateur wrestling.  Our officials are licensed professionals who take pride in their knowledge of the letter and spirit of the rules as written by the NFHS and interpreted by the OHSAA.

Interested in becoming an official?

The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), in conjunction with the National Federation of High Schools, requires that all officials become fully licensed.  First year officials are required to take an introductory officiating class taught by trained officials.  Officials are then required to attend one state rules interpretation meeting and four local rules interpretation meetings each year to maintain their license.  If you are interested in becoming an official, please click on the link in the sidebar or contact the OHSAA at www.OHSAA.org and click on the "Officiating" link.

The NW 5th District Wrestling Officials Association will be offering a mandatory course for those interested in becoming a wrestling official.  The cost is $65.00 which includes your first year OHSAA membership and classroom materials.  Anyone interested should call Larry Saxton (419) 784-4259 or Kelly Ducey at (419) 708-3468.  

The OHSAA has announced a class to be offered this Spring over a 3 day period - April 25-27.  This class will take place in conjunction with the Wrestle Against Autism Tournament to be held at Olentangy Orange HS on April 27th.  This class will provide all classroom work and mat experience in 3 days instead of the normal 8 class/25 hour process.  Officials that pass the online test will be licensed for the 2014-15 season.

The class is approved and is now posted on the OHSAA web site.  Prospective students may now log on and register for the weekend class.  The final cost is yet to be finalized, but the OHSAA registration fee is $75 which includes mailings, rule book, case manual and other handouts during the class.  Cost for rooms & meals will be calculated once we finish investigating best value.

All new students must have their full referee uniform to complete the weekend course by working on the mat with veteran officials at the "Wrestle Against Autism Tournament."

When completed, each new referee will have his/her OHSAA officiating license starting June 1, 2014.  Therefore, there is no need to re-pay for the upcoming season license.