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“When Jessica first entered WOFI she knew very little about Israel.  It was a distant place with little connection to her life.  Jessica is now a passionate Israel advocate.  She keeps abreast of events in the news and is continually advocating for Israel on the internet, editorials and among her peers.  WOFI has had a huge impact in my daughter’s life.  The program helped transform a shy, quiet girl into a bold, informed, articulate, and passionate advocate.”
– Betsy S., mother of Jessica, Yale ‘15

BlueStar's year-long Write On For Israel program offers:

  • Israel-focused critical thinking, journalism and documentary filmmaking program for 10th-12th graders.
  • An in-depth look at Israel’s history, strategic predicament, modern culture, and portrayal in the media.
  • Optional 3-week Israel tour to explore the country while filming a documentary with a team of peers (Participants can elect to do  only the low-cost US-based educational program.)
  • Opportunity to learn Journalism skills from professionals.
  • Assignments and critical feedback to help develop the participant’s portfolio of written and published news articles and op-eds
  • Expertise in a subject matter that may help boost college application success.
  • Exploration of Jewish life on local college campuses and the chance to meet with current campus leaders.

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