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The Blue Ribbon Trust helps schools help children who need help. There are various arguments about the debate regarding whose responsibility it is to feed and clothe children.  We at Blue Ribbon are not concerned about whose responsibility this is; our primary concern is helping a child who is cold or hungry. Poverty is not necessarily the deciding factor; whatever the child's circumstances are, we aim to help.

If a school tells us that a child is hungry or needs clothes, we try to help. There are other programmes that do the same thing or something similar. Even so, the help available does not meet the demand. While some people might believe that by feeding children at school we perpetuate the problem; we believe that by not feeding them and by not showing them compassion, we perpetuate a bigger problem. A society that turns its back on neglected children cannot expect that these children will grow into productive adults who want to be included in the society we desire to live in, and who abide by the rules and laws that we do.

Please help us to help those children who need it. We do not fund meal programmes or clothes for entire schools, we target our assistance to individual children. We do not limit our help to low decile schools; even high decile schools can have children that are cold and hungry. We rely on teachers and schools to tell us who needs help and then we do our best to help them. By providing this assistance we hope to remove barriers these children have from obtaining their education to improve their lives.