Are YOU ready for the Cloud?

Cloud-readiness assessment tools to help you make an informed decision, using your own data.

Blue Jaguar consulting has partnered with CloudReady to bring a unique product to South Africa. 

This services is a once-off fee to assist you in deciding which Cloud solution is best. Whether you are looking at Microsoft, Private Cloud, Google, Apple or any other provider. We will help you understand the RoI and benefits of each option.

This product is ideal for companies with more than 50 users running an on-premise Exchange or Lotus Notes implementation.

CloudReady bridges the gap between the enterprise and the cloud with innovative readiness assessment plus cost and performance monitoring services that allow organizations take full advantage of the ever-changing ecosystem of cloud-based solutions.

IT Optimization and Monitoring from the Cloud
From vendor evaluation and strategic planning to post migration performance and reliability monitoring, CloudReady delivers value at every stage of cloud adoption. A low-cost monthly service, CloudReady answers critical questions in every cloud deployment, including:
  • What is the true cost of my existing environment, and how much will I save by moving to the cloud?
  • Which applications in my pc environment have web-based equivalents?
  • Is the cloud more reliable than my current on-premises infrastructure?
  • Which users should I move to the cloud first?
  • And many more... 
If you are considering moving to the cloud, or seek better visbility into the cost and performance of your cloud or hybrid environments, Blue Jaguar and CloudReady can help.

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