Consumerist. com, the one true outlet for disgruntled consumers everywhere.

Over the years, Ben Popken and the gang have taught us to protect our identities, not show a receipt at Best Buy, always open our boxes before leaving the store, fight debt collectors, and really it just all around kicked ass.

I've met great commenters there (Rectilinear Propogation, Wormfather is Wormfather, and many others, I never made you my friends, but I followed you...)

I have a geek crush on Ben, I can't let him be unemployed...

Really, people. If you've never seen Consumerist, check it out, and then send your discontent to:

Believe me when I say that this site does a great service to consumers everywhere. Please send this on to everyone you know.
It worked for Star Trek, it can work now!


Update:  The email I sent Nick Denton at

Nick Denton is a Jerk...

I've been out of the loop all week, but I just found out you're selling Consumerist.  Consumerist provides a much needed service for consumers, which we all are.  Ben and the gang have taught me how to fight off two identity thefts, one credit card fraud, to chargeback an unscrupulous business, how and when to use small claims court, what businesses to avoid and which to frequent.  I read Consumerist every day (well, except when I have work to do), more than I read Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Jezebel, and Jalopnik combined.  Consumerist was my gateway drug, I found all the other great Gawker blogs because of Consumerist.  I really thought Gawker was about telling it like it is, not the money.  I'm devastated to find out that I was wrong and I've been supporting you all these years.  You are seriously a money grubbing idiot if you feel that Consumerist isn't beneficial to Gawker.  The reason that it doesn't make ad revenue is because they teach their readers to be wary, do you have revenue numbers from the "morning deals" links?  I've used my fair share of them, but a great many of your readers use ad-block plus, because we don't want to see the ads!  If we knew it was the decision for Consumerist's existence, we would have clicked like teenagers and grandparents...

Anyway, Nick Denton, I really don't like you right now.  My time on the internet is important, and I choose to spend it on the Consumerist.  But I'm afraid of you leave them high and dry, I'll have to boycott all the Gawker blogs I enjoy. 

Remember what Sci-Fi did with Farscape?  Remember how that turned out?  What about NBC and the original Star Trek?  Are you serious?

Suck it up and make one less million a year and do society a favor.