Do you know that the world's smallest fox, called the Fennec Fox, lives in Africa?
    The Fennec Fox has a unique appearance. It has a red coat and extremely large ears, which are used for cooling. Since its ears are so big, the foxes have acute hearing. Its feet, used for digging, are covered in long, thick hair. The Fox's tail is black tipped. Their bodies have adopted to the desert environment. Fennec Foxes weigh 1.5 to 3.5 pounds and have a body length of 9-16 inches. They are often described as cute. Let's move into the Fennec Fox's behavior.
    The Fennec fox is a very social animal, that is why they are used as pets. They can be taught to fetch, use a litter-box, and have been known to purr. Fennec Foxes are omnivorous, eating foods like shrubs, plants, eggs, and more. They are aggressive during mating season. These foxes can run really fast. In the desert environment, they can go long periods without water, and love to bask in the sun. Pine and Cider damage their lungs. Let's move into why the Fennec Fox is endangered.
    The Fennec Fox is endangered for many reasons. First of all, their body parts are valuable. Some parts can be used for medicine, and the fur can be used for clothing and blankets. Also, the Fennec Fox is a victim of pet trade, due to their cute appearance. Some people consider this fox threatened, but others consider it endangered. They are intensively hunted by Africans in places like Egypt, Morocco, and Sudan. Let's conclude to how the Fennec Fox's population is being affected.
    In conclusion, the population of Fennec Foxes is not really known, but it is known that it is sadly decreasing because they are still being hunted and traded.