Did you know the Barbary Serval is thought to be extinct?

    To start off, the Barbary Serval is a medium-sized wild cat.  It has a long, slender body with a relatively short tail.  They have the longest ears and the longest legs in the cat family.  It is tan in color and you could say it is speckled because of its spots across its body.  In addition to the spots, the Barbary Serval also has black bands.

    The basic facts of the Barbary Serval includes its scientific name and its prey.  The scientific name is “Leptailurus serval constantina.”  The name means “wolf-deer.”  Even though the Barbary Serval is mostly found in Algeria, it is listed wherever found.  An example of where it is found is in sub-Saharan areas and usually excludes arid areas.  The prey of the Barbary Serval  are rodents, fish, frogs and other small animals.

    Lastly, the Barbary Serval is extremely endangered.  Dogs, leopards, and humans are the main threats.  Humans poach them because they are prime targets.  People lie by selling the skins as young leopard or cheetah too redundant because those animals are also rare to see.  Their skins are also used for domestic ceremonial and medicinal purposes.  Some African tribes eat the skin as a delicacy.  Barbary Servals are losing land from human encroachment and the annual burning of the grasslands.  

    In conclusion, the Barbary Servals need our help. There is only a few left in nature and 292 in zoos worldwide.  We need to prevent them from becoming extinct.