Did you there are only 73 thousand African penguins left in the world?  The African penguin is an amazing creature that is unfortunately endangered for reasons that could have easily been avoided.

The African penguin is quite the animal.  The African penguin have some really awesome features.  First, the average height of the typical African penguin is 2 feet.  The average weight of the African penguin is 8 pounds. Another interesting thing about the African penguin is how they have the ability to stay underwater up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. A nickname for the African penguin is the jackass penguin because the donkey like braying noises they make to communicate. Another cool thing about this species is that they only breed in their own colonies (groups).

Now, let’s look at why these creatures are endangered. First of all, two oil spills have killed over 30 thousand African penguins. Also, many commercial fishermen catch African penguins and do not let them back into the wild. On top of that, the habitats of these penguins are being destroyed. Many people collect the eggs of the African penguins, this results in people destroying nests and now fewer eggs are being hatched.

Finally, we will talk about how these penguins are on the edge of extinction. Right now the average lifespan of the African penguin is 10-15 years. But, currently 90 penguins are dying a week. Since 1956, 80% of the population for the African penguin has died off. Now there are only 900 counted pairs left. Also, during 800 thousand African penguin eggs were stolen.

    Hopefully you have learned a lot about the African penguin. This issue is getting worse and continue to until there are extreme measures taken to stop the killing of the African penguin and to save these magnificent animals.