A Sand Cat is an endangered cat in Africa and many are getting killed accidentally each year. The Sand Cat blends with the environment and the fur/coat is soft and dense. The coat is a pale sandy brown to light grey, and is slightly darker on the back and whitish on the belly. A reddish streak runs across each cheek from the outer corner of the eyes. The Sand Cat has tawny reddish ears with  black tips, as with it’s tail. They have low-set, tapered ears which provide keen hearing for their habitat.

    The habitat of the Sand Cat is in deserts that are both sandy and stoney. They live near nearly no vegetation. In the Southern and Northern parts of Africa. They live far from water and get moisture from their prey.

    The Sand Cat is endangered because the desert ecosystem can be easily changed by humans. Livestock grazing and off-road driving can quickly deplete already scarce vegetation for the Sand Cat. Loss of small mammal population means less prey for the Sand Cat. Domestic dogs and cats killing Sand Cats is a factor for the Sand Cat being endangered. Sand Cats prey transmits diseases that can kill. The Sand Cat accidentally get trapped and killed when farmers mistake them for Jackals and Foxes stealing their chickens. The problem is getting worse because people keep killing them because they think they are a different type of animal. Also, in 2013 they were near threatened, but now they are endangered.