As it stands now, Ring-Tailed Lemurs are endangered. To start with, a description of the Ring-Tailed Lemur is that they have white tails with blacks rings. Their faces, ears, hands, feet, and undersides are also white. However, their bodies are brown, red, grey or black. Besides their bodies not being white, their muzzles are black and their eyes are light brown. Most males have dark colored scent glands on their wrists, along with spur-like fingernails. Moving onto food and predators, most Ring-Tailed Lemurs enjoy eating fruit, leaves, flowers, tree bark, and sap. Some predators are humans, raptors, cats, snakes, and brown lemurs. Lastly, some interesting facts about Ring-Tailed Lemurs are that, this species are only found in zoos and Madagascar, which is the fourth largest island. Some others are that, they spend most of their time in all layers of the rain forest, and they also walk with their tails almost 100% vertical. In addition, during mating season, the males try to out-stink each other. Some facts about survival include: it is rare for a female to live past 16 years in the wild, and males live at least 15 years. However, captivity, the lemurs can live as long as 27 years. In conclusion, Ring-Tailed Lemurs are disappearing more & more. Thankfully, there are organizations to help and protect these creatures.