Pygmy Hippos are very rare, but that's just one of the many things that makes them so interesting! Likewise, they are endangered animals that are considered smaller versions of hippos. 
    First of all, Pygmy Hippos have some very interesting facts. They are herbivores and nocturnal. Which means they forage for food at night and eat greens, ferns, leaves, shrubs, and fruits that have fallen from trees. When they aren't looking for food they are resting. Pygmys are also mammals and can live up to 42 years. Lastly, one of the Pygmy Hippos' predators is the leopard.
    Pygmy Hippos are very alike, but are also very different from their cousins, hippos. Pygmys are a fifth of a regular hippos' size. In addition, hippos spend much more time in the water. The last difference is that Pygmy
Hippos don't live in herds. In contrast, they both have noses and ears that close underwater since both species are aquatic. Also, both are closely related to whales. 
    Lastly, Pygmy Hippos are endangered. The main reasons for their endangerment are hunting and habitat loss. This is not something new though because they have always been rare. When small numbers of them were first found, they were thought to be "juvenile specimens of the common hippos". 
But after no new news of sightings reached the west, scientists named them extinct.
    The Pygmy Hippo problem in Africa is getting worse. The causes to this is habitat loss and hunting. No animals deserve to be endangered and that includes Pygmy Hippos! In 1911, Schomburgk, a scientist, captured five live  Pygmy Hippos and proved everyone wrong. Although, they weren't extinct they were still endangered.