Did you know the pangolin is a critically endangered animal in Africa?

To start, the pangolin can reach 3.2 feet and 40 pounds. Next, male pangolins weigh 50% more than female. Also, the pangolin’s scales are made out of keratin, same with our hair and nails. Also, pangolins are insectivores. They eat up to 70 million insects a night. They can catch insects by using their tongues which can extend to about 16 inches longer than the animal itself. Next, the pangolin has a quite widespread habitat. There are only eight species of pangolins. Also, pangolins are thought of as solitary animals usually living alone. Their most preferred habitat is sandy soil where they can easily create a burrow. Also, the pangolin is mostly active at night. The pangolin travels up to 6 kilometers from their burrow. Pangolins are endangered because they are hunted. They are in only 15 countries. They are hunted because one pangolin is worth about $3300. Also, superstition says it is believed that if a woman plants pangolin scales in front of a man’s house then the woman will have control of him. Finally, besides humans, predators are lions, tigers, and leopards.

The already endangered pangolin is getting more and more endangered. This is because it’s getting hunted by humans and animals. These are some facts about the endangered pangolin.