African lions are very dangerous, protective, and rare, making it incredibly important to know basic facts and statistics about them. So lets pounce right in to learn about these interesting creatures.

    The male lions are the fighters, for their territory, which can sometimes be up to 100 square miles. The females are hunters, and they fight in large packs. The young lions start hunting at about one year old. Eventually the young males will leave and start their own pride, which typically includes three males and about a dozen females. Another interesting topic for discussion is where lions do and do not live.

     African lions have disappeared from over 80% of their historic range, meaning that they no longer live in these regions, but they once did. However, lions still exist in 28 countries in Africa. Lions only live in one of the many countries in Asia: India. There are now only 7 countries that have more than 1,000 lions in them, 4 of which are located in Africa. Lions are currently considered endangered in west/central Africa, and are now on the Red List of Threatened Species. In present day, they are completely extinct in 26 different countries. Additionally, there are many reasons why lions are an extinct species.

     Lions are going extinct for the money. Poachers can get up to $10,000 depending on the place they sell the lions’ bones! Also, some people like lion meat, and often use their skin for various different items such as carpets. Some people kill African lions to protect their livestock, or to have fun while hunting them. To top it all off, lions’ habitats are getting demolished for wood and as a result of deforestation, causing the lions to be homeless and thus become extinct.

    African lions are very fascinating creatures, although sadly, the problem is getting worse. They are expected to face complete extinction by 2050, mainly because of hunters. We cannot let a huge part of the heart of Africa go extinct. Let’s help save the lions!