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 These large and wild animals known as the Grevy's Zebra is one of the most endangered animals in Africa. I'll show you why!
    Here is a brief description of the Grevy's Zebra. The Grevy's Zebra has a black and white striped mane that sticks up in the air. Similar to the mane the Grevy's Zebra has a black and white striped body. The Grevy's Zebra is the largest of the Zebras standing at five and a half feet from the shoulder, nine ft. long, and 990 pounds. The Grevy's Zebra resembles a striped mule or donkey more than any other animal in the Horse family.
    The Grevy's Zebra used to live in many different countries before they were hunted. Here are some of the countries that the Grevy's Zebra lived in or lives in.  The Grevy's Zebra used to live in places like in Ancient Egypt until they were hunted there. They also used to live in Somalia until they  were hunted to extinction in that country. Currently the Grevy's Zebra lives in Ethiopia but are nearly extinct. Same deal with the Grevy's Zebra in Kenya, they are surviving but not thriving. The Grevy's Zebra lives in semi-desert areas and savannas.
    Here are the reasons the Grevy's Zebra is hunted today. Today they are mainly hunted for their valuable skins. On occasion, they are hunted for food if someone needs it. They are also killed for medicinal reasons in some tribes in Africa. Hunting of Grevy's Zebra is mainly in Ethiopia now. Some causes of death are also destroying habitats and waterholes.
    In conclusion, The Grevy's Zebra are indeed suffering in Africa right now and numbers are dropping fast because their skins are sold for lots of money. Those were some facts about the Grevy's Zebra.