Grevy's Zebra are one of the thousands of endangered in Africa today. Read on to learn more about this spectacular animal.
    First I'll start off with the description for the Grevy's zebra. Its the largest member of the horse family. Second, it has black stripes that cover all of there body except for there belly. Next, their life span is 23 years of age. In addition, there diet consists of from the plants which makes them herbivores  they are 50 to 60 inches ground to there shoulder  Finally, for their discription they weigh 770 to 990 pounds.
    Now over to the behavior of the Grevy's zebra. First off, males are highly territorial. Second, they claim  prime watering and grazing areas. Also, they do not develop lasting bonds. with other adults. In Addition, some individuals migrate seasonally if they have to. Finally, they make groups of wither bachelor males or nerving mothers and foals
    The final thing I will talk about is just general information on the Grevy's zebra. First, the reason for them being listed as endangered is because of poaching  . Second, they can grow up to 9 feet long! Next, they mate in august. They live in northern Kenya and all of Ethiopia. There are now approximately 2,000 left in the world.
    In  conclusion, the Grevy's zebra is a fascinating animal. Sadly it is endangered and only 2,000 are left. its on and off its getting better and worse there are organizations that are helping protect them but there are still humans poaching and killing them. I hope after you have read this you can join the fight to protect this spectacular animal.