Ethiopian Wolves

    Ethiopian wolves are wolves that only live in the Bale mountains of Ethiopia, Africa. There are now less than 500 wolves. They like to live in the grassy areas and they mainly hunt rats. The wolves have strong bodies and lengthy snouts. They are very social and friendly animals.

In Africa, the impact of losing the animal is somewhat strong. A lot of Ethiopians are unaware, but the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program ( EWCP) are trying to raise awareness. The EWCP holds “ wolf day” every year to celebrate the Ethiopian wolf in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government plans to protect the wolves because of how the species is dying out fast. Overall, the loss of these animals has deeply impacted Africa.

Since this species is greatly endangered, you’re probably wondering how the animal is endangered. One of the reasons is that the population is massively growing. The wolves are getting severe diseases, and some of them have developed rabies. Some of them are suffering from Canine distemper. This is the main reason why the wolves are endangered.  ¾ of the wolves die from these diseases. The EWCP is providing vaccinations for the poor animals.

In conclusion, I believe the future is getting brighter for the animals because the EWCP is proving vaccinations and the wolves are slowly re-populating and getting healthier. Do you believe the situation is getting better?