The Ethiopian wolf is mistaken for a fox. The Ethiopian wolf is the only wolf species found in Africa. Ethiopian wolves are mistaken for foxes by many people because of their light fur and facial features. The Ethiopian wolf comes in many colors including reds, browns, and whites. The Ethiopian wolf has very long legs and a muzzle that is very long and elongated.     

    The Ethiopian wolf is less aggressive when compared to other wolfs. The Ethiopian wolf hunts alone and is more dependent socially then most wolfs. When in a pack, males will stay in that pack until they die, bu the female's are sent to other packs to mate.         

    People in Africa hunt the Ethiopian wolf for food to feed themselves or their family. Also in 1991 there was a Rabies outbreak which killed several hundred Ethiopian wolf's. People also poach the Ethiopian wolf for fur as well. As of today, the Ethiopian wolfs’ population has dwindled to 500 in the world. The Ethiopian wolf is moving closer to extinction because of the African hunters who are going hungry and killing and eating the wolf for food and fur.