Have you ever seen a lemur with eyes about half the size of its head?  Then you haven't met the Pygmy Mouse Lemur!  This lemur is one of the many endangered animals in Africa.  
    The Pygmy Mouse Lemur is the smallest living primate with only 27cm in length, from the head to the tail.  But the females are larger then the males are.  The Mouse Lemur is split into two groups, based on fur color.  The gray furred group and the red furred group.  The natives once believed that these little creatures were spirits because how big their eyes were.
    Even though the Mouse Lemur seems outlandish, it's behavior is similar to most lemurs.  The Pygmy Mouse Lemur is omnivorous, but their diet mostly consists of fruit, flowers, and insects.  The diets depend on the season.  Like many lemurs, the Mouse Lemur is strictly nocturnal.  Usually, each lemur eats and sleeps separately, but travels and lives in a group.  
     It's sad to learn that these adorable creatures are critically endangered.  The Mouse Lemur was once thought to be extinct, until one was found in the Kirindy forest in Madagascar, in 1993.  The Mouse Lemur, like most lemurs, live in dry, deciduous forests.  So they are endangered because the forests are shrinking due to unstable agricalture.  Another reason why the Pygmy Mouse Lemur is endangered is because the whole speacies was hunted and captured for trade on the black market.  Now, having a Pygmy Mouse Lemur as a pet is illegal.  
    All in all, the conditions for the Pygmy Mouse Lemur are looking up.  The population is gradually increasing.  The numbers are rising because all the lemurs are moving into reserves, that are protected land, which are going to be their new homes.