African elephants are endangered in Africa and will die out soon if we do not help them.  

The elephant is the largest Living land mammal on earth.  From this you would think that they would be able to defend themselves but they are actually a bigger target.  The elephant tusks are what the elephant is hunted for.  This is because it is a beautiful material called ivory which is used for jewelry and other things used as fashion items and furniture.  If not poached the elephant can live up to 70 years old and can weigh up to 3,200 pounds.

Did you know that only 300,000 elephants remain in Africa.  Many organizations have been made to try to stop people from poaching the elephant but it has not stopped every body.  Some of these organizations are The Awf foundation. Even though they are losing population it was not always that way in 2004 they were not as threatened and it was very endangered in 1996.  Now lets look at why they are endangered.  

Even though there are 470,000 all together and if we do not help them than they are predicted to die out in 10 years.  This is because their reproductive system is to slow to keep up with how many elephants are getting killed.

Even though we can not stop every poacher people are trying to get the population of the african elephant up by telling people not to kill them for their tusks.  These poachers are making their population drop down today and eventually they will become extinct.