More than 11,000 people have died from Ebola in Africa, which is a huge number.

Ebola is a disease that is very fatal to people. It started up at the Ebola River, which is why the disease is named Ebola. The very first sign of Ebola was in distant villages in Africa. Ebola doesn’t affect people that aren’t in Africa, because no one has died from Ebola that are outside of the continent. This is weird, because you would generally think that it would spread.

Ebola first occurred in 1976 in Central Africa. Now it is mostly affecting people in Guinea and Sierra Leone. There was also a recent and sudden outbreak. This had been one of the most deadly outbreaks of Ebola that has ever happened. This is amazing, because Ebola had been around for such a long time.

When someone has Ebola, they have a 50% chance to live. Liberia used to be highly affected by Ebola, but was recently declared free from the disease. The most recent death from Ebola was on March 27, 2015 which took place in Liberia. Africa is the only place in the world that is being affected by Ebola, and it has been a huge problem for a while.

     Ebola is still a horrible disease, but it is getting better because doctors have found a drug to cure it that had been tested and seems to work. This could be a huge breakthrough for Africa.

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