Dugongs are very fascinating creatures, commonly mixed up with the manatee. But have you ever wondered the difference between a dugong and a manatee? I know a lot about the dugong and you can compare this information to things you already know about the manatee.
    First of all, I will tell you some basic facts about the dugong. Like the manatee, the dugong diet consists of plants making it a herbivore. The color of the dugong is a brownish-grayish color. The dugong’s skin type is leather. It’s favorite food is sea grass and it’s litter size is 1. The length of the average dugong is 8.9 to 9.5 feet.
    The next topic I will talk about is predators and prey of the dugong. The dugong’s main predators are are humans. However, there are also sharks and crocodiles. Since the manatees love sea grass so much, it is their main prey! Dugongs also love algae and sea flowers.
    Finally, why the dugongs is endangered. Sharks kill the dugongs for food, but that is not the only problem. Crocodiles also kill the dugongs for food. Humans used to kill dugongs but they have stopped for the most part. People are bringing back the dugongs by not killing them. It could be harmful for the dugongs to get run over by a boat. 
    In Africa, the problem is getting better because less dugongs are being killed and more people care.