Is the Black Rhino extinct? If it is, why is it extinct? The Black rhino is a very interesting animal. They are worth a lot of money for various reasons. The front horn of the rhino is longer than its rear horn, which makes it a huge target. Once hunters kill the black rhinos they sell their horns for a very good profit. Between 1970 and 1992, 96% of black rhinos were killed. That is a very tragic thing to have happen. Kenya is responsible for most of the black rhino killings. There was a war over killing of black rhinos in Africa,because Black rhinos impacted the way people lived in Africa. Because black rhinos impacted the way people in Africa lived. Nineteen African black rhinos were transported to a safe place so they wouldn't be killed, and of them were transported by helicopter. Image result for black rhino

The name rhino come from an image of a rhetoric beast. These animal have inhabited Africa for 60 million years. In rhino species, most of them are extinct, but in Mongolia, they have slaughtered hundreds of black rhinos. An average black rhino weighs about 25 tons. That is more than and African elephant. Some people say that the black rhino is the source of the beliefs in unicorns!  Half of the worlds black rhinos disappeared in a super short period of time. They were endangered because people were poaching them and killing them for a prophet. The Black rhino was very fun to learn about and very fun to research.