The African Elephant is just one of the many endangered animals in Africa, and i will tell you everything about it from Physical Description, Behavior, and Reason of Endangerment.

I will start by talking about the physical description of the African elephant. They have large trunks coming from the front of their face. Also, they have very large ears. They also have large tusks, which are also located on their face. Almost all elephants have brownish-gray skin. Last but not least, they can grow up to about 6-7.5 meters in length. Those are the physical features of the African elephant.

The next topic I will talk about is the behavior of the African elephant. African elephants are very sociable animals. They use deep growling to communicate. Also, because they are sociable, they travel in herds. There is only one exception for being un-gregarious, and that is that old male elephants and young males are rejected from the herd. At ages 12-15, the males leave the herd to start one of their own. Those are just a few of the African elephant’s behaviors.

The final topic I will talk about is the reasons for the African elephants endangerment.

They are being killed for their tusks, which are made of ivory. Elephants population have dropped from 1.3 million to 500,000 since poaching has begun. Poachers are only poaching adult males because they have the biggest tusks. Each of an elephant's tusks can go for nearly $2000. The country most influenced by poaching is Tanzania. Those are some facts about the african elephants endangerment.

That is the physical description, behavior, and endangerment facts of the african elephant. In conclusion, things are not looking good for the african elephant, and people are still poaching and killing them. But if people can stop the poaching, The african Elephant could make a comeback. Lets just hope they can.